New in 1.2.3 - Quick Look

Cocoa JSON Editor 1.2.3 includes a new Quick Look preview. Preview URLs from JSON values in a popover. Application will show images and webpages as a quick look popover. Easy to review responses from APIs.

Cocoa JSON Editor Beta

Download the Cocoa JSON Editor development beta version. Beta version if activated will work for 30 days. After the try period expire, beta will run in demo mode.

New Cocoa JSON Editor 1.2.0

Review new features such redesigned user interface, new class editor previews, new full text preview and search.

  • JSON Tree Editor

    Tree structure outline for JSON data editing. Menu with several option allows quick editing. Keyboard shortcuts.

  • Smart Objects

    Smart objects maintains its key structure within all copies. Adding new key, renaming, deleting and reordering is affected on all copies.

  • Array Bulk Editor

    Powerful quick data input. Edit all associative array objects in a quick editor. Combining Smart Objects with Array bulk editor speeds the data inputting.

  • Object, Array Wrapping

    Wrap any selection within an new object or array. Wrap any selection within an new object or array.

  • Objective C Class Exporting

    Export Objective C classes with type checking and automatic parsing method.

  • API Groups, Endpoints

    1.1.0 addition for Private/Public Rest API connection. Tree structure for api relations definition. Groups containing groups and endpoints.

  • API Group Environments

    Handle Production, Beta, Release severs changing the active environment. Url paths change is propagated in all child groups and endpoints.

  • API Group Variables

    Define variables in API Group, and use them in URL Path, parameter value, or JSON payload.

  • Enpoint Parameter Groups

    Define several parameter sets for API Endpoint. Select active parameter set and get several types of responses from your server.

  • OAuth2.0 Authorization Helper

    Input your OAuth2.0 authorization credentials, and access them as variables.

  • Local Connection

    Stream directly from Cocoa JSON Editor into your iOS/OSX application in development. No more embedding of .json files and re-lunching app.

  • Helper Class For ASIHttpRequest

    Easy to setup with ASIHTTPRequest category or define your own with very easy setup. Exchange format is NSDictionary.

  • Drag And Drop

    Drag and drop support. Drag a JSON String into Cocoa JSON Editor and convert it to node, or vice versa. Quick documentation of API Endpoint in a second.

  • Autosave, Versions

    Autosave support and versions.

  • Full Screen Support

    OSX Lion full screen support enabled.