New Quick Look of JSON Values.

Version 1.2.3 will bring a new Quick Look functionality to enable a fast preview of content in JSON values. Sometimes it is necessary to preview the data to check correctness, now with Quick Look you can preview Web Page links or images right within Cocoa JSON Editor.

Quick Look Images

Preview external images without using copy and paste between JSON value and web browser. Application will allows you to preview JSON string values if they point to URL for an JPG, PNG or TIFF Images.

Quick Look Web Pages

Preview external web page contents without using external browser. Application will open a web browser in popover to quickly review the web page content. You can assign the preferred web browser size in preferences too.

Quick Look Preferences

Enable Quick Look for universal "Space Bar" key down on selected row in JSON Outline. (Space bar is not active with default settings.) You can also select your preferred web browser size.

Something Missing?

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